Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm curently home, jobless, lotsa free times~
Well, i kan, unofficially graduated, kalau semua subject kira2 pass semuanya, baru lah official :p
Insyaallah... mudah-mudahan...
My routine, KL-Segamat-KL-Segamat, every week! It used to be my parents i join skali!

So i'm updating from Segamat now... 
Can't wait to go back to KL lah! 
Nak dating & shopping... aww!
Anyway, rindu kamu... :(


Anonymous said...

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Meimei said...


feel free to check out / drop by at my blog~ <3

Meimei said...

: thank you for dropping by! ;) we shall chat more frequently. tehehee. ;)

Aida Ismail said...

Eh? Orang Segamat ek ni? :)

A Girl Like You said...

yes i am!