Friday, March 15, 2013

Review : Oz the Great and Powerful

Well i've been waiting and wanting to watch this movie so so much!

So overall, i, hmm, quite satisfy with this movie! 
It was really cute! and very, animation~ 

James Franco as Oz, the magician who's accidentally travelled to a wizard world when he tried to escape...

Mila Kunis as Theodora
She's beautiful, cute and naive... But then she turned out to be, hmmph, ugly and evil! 

Michelle Williams plays Glinda
The blondie witch, hmm, pretty! 

And Rachel Weisz plays Evanora...
One of the witch as well and she's the sister of Theodora!

In conclusion, this movie, u can watch it, it fun, and cute, really, can make u laugh; but dont expect rationalism :p
All the actor and actresses are good looking! Cute & Pretty!
That's a plus point for me! :p

I rate this 4 stars, my kind of movie! 

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