Thursday, March 21, 2013

BB1M (Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia)

Wow! Thank u so much for the book vouchers! 
Alhamdulillah :)
Coz seriously, it has encourage me to buy and read more books!!! 
Being in final year, final semester in degree, i should already filled myself with plenty of knowledge!
where to get it from? Reading... *ececeh*
Regardless reading the news, magazines, novels, books, or from the internet,
 it'll provide knowledge, in any ways... That's my opinion la... 

I'm holding a 600 ringgit of knowledge there! 

However, all these while, really, i've neglected books, and reading,
 and to be honest, it so hard to catch up now
But, better late than never...:p hehehe... 
but actually, still, i have no interest in reading, so much! :p even reading a novel, it'll take me some times to finish it~ phew~
Dulu ok je! but now, since dah jadi university student ni... hmm, makin menjadi2 malas! :p

So a lil advice here, students, read before it too late... general knowledge is so much important!
Hehe! :p

But thanks to the voucher buku, i've bought books!!!!! 
If it were money, maybe i've spent it all at outfits or shoes!

New stationeries for self motivation! ;) aww~ 

The books i bought for this year... 
Cookbooks, novels, motivation books etc.

Cookbooks! Good housewife to be?! :pp 
*kuih-muih bagai, memang xlapar dah lepas ni!* :p

Sharpener 90 sen pun guna voucher buku ke?!

Different bookstores will offer a different benefit...
I spent all my vouchers this year at Popular Bookstore, and it the best for me!
Because when i spent RM 250 there, i got another RM 50 voucher, therefore my total spending was RM 300!
Also, i got free membesrhip card with free membership fees for 2 years! 


And these books will keep me company throughout my sorrow~
Wah gitu!

Lastly, spend your voucher wisely k! ;) 


Nurul Syafiqah said...

Hye there! Wow, we are in the same course, Accounting right? Hee datang membalas kunjungan ;)

A Girl Like You said...


Noor Shahida said...

same here! best dpt borong buku,tambah2 dpt free kan,hehe =)

A Girl Like You said...

Kan!!! of course seronok, bukan selalu! ;)