Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sushi King : Buy 1 Free 1

Was thinking to have sushi here for quite a long time already... So, finally...

Please have a clearer look on this! 
Yes buy one free one sushi for digi users!
For more info. please visit the nearest branch of sushi king! ;)
Anyway, thank u digi! ;)

Ok, we ate quite a lot that day, me and si jawa (izzat)...

Sushi is always my favourite, but he bragged, that he ate sushi all because of me!
But he likes sushi now (but not all, yang dia makan cuma hmm, yang simple2 and boring2 punya je!) 

Golden Ball
(I have no problem with this one,sedap je!)

Cheese Tobiko
(Roe + cheese! I love it!)

(Everyone's favourite! Simple yet sedap!)

California Temaki 

Inari Boat Tuna Mayo
(His favourite! For me tuna in sushi king is a bit salty)

 (my favourite! but i dont really prefer this one in sushi king one!)

So, japanese foods crave problem solved! Sekian! hihi... yeayyyyness! 


Qayyie Adie said...

Ah~ seriusly, tengok gambar pun dah boleh terngiur~ XD XD
Unfortunately, I'm a hotlink user.. :(
Btw, It's really great. :D

A Girl Like You said...

heee! right! i'm a hotlink user too! digi is my 2nd no.! ;) i hope hotlink will show some appreciation too :(

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