Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sushi in a Warung

Last weekend was just for this sushi thingy! 

Craving for sushi, and been searching everywhere to find out where can we get the real halal japanese food, and from google (thanks google), we found this! 

O-Shima Cafe, Shah Alam Walk... 

It is actually in front of Plaza Alam Central (in case u dont know) :p
It a warung actually, dont expect too much, it not like Sushi King, with all those plates surrounding u, in this cafe, u'll get what u order, only, okay! if u want more, then order more lah!

So, on that day, we ordered...

Teriyaki Chicken
RM 10.90 (including a green tea)

My Sushi...
Inari, Salad Mayo & Salmon Mayo 
RM 3 each set

Egg Mayo
Also RM 3

California Temaki
RM 5.90

Last but not least, me!
No price tag :p
And tudung purple cantik tu (i hope it's cantik) is from Art Impasto *applause* ;p


Ok, sambungan sikit... After that, we went to Setia City Mall... Gosh, one of the best mall okay! A lots of shops, great place to shop!!! Everything is there! Niceeee one!

Ok later, gonna update about something, related to sushi too! Nite2! ;)

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