Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random randommm~

Okay, hi... This is just a random post... But wait, what's that shoes? 
Oh it just a random shoes i took from someone's tumblr, my tumblr acually... 
Or maybe that's gonna be my shoes one day, if i could found one, i can wear it to my graduation! huehehe!

Ok i just want to have a random talk bout my blog!
Sometimes it bored, kan! Maybe most of the time! 
Sometime i should post bout something i like, my interest! Rather than posting about my activity all the time!
But, i have tons of activities to post, lol~

Ok, no lol... It just... That's all i wanna say!
Holiday is almost over for me! 
But i'm kinda happy that it over! Not because i'm bored, but i miss classes!
Monday, i will be back with my routine! CLASSES
Oh i love going to class so much nowadays! 

And sekarang, i'm addicted to master chef malaysia! I watched every episodes!
And i cooked too sometimes... ahaks! Not related, isnt it?! 
I will make moreeee ramdom posts in future okay! 
yeayyy! ;) So happy imagining me, can crap! 

Ok it late at nite already, i should go to sleep, since i'm not feeling well today :((
And, i'm missing my ehem special someone shooo much *gedik mode on*

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