Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Fashion Icons (from movies) Once Upon A Time

 Every girl, i mean, REAL GIRL, surely have their own role models, at least, in dressing up! Well, i was one of them... I watch a lot of TV, a lot of movies, and i liked 'em so so much! Usually i fall in love with the characters played by them! After that i will started to like them, and stalk them! Hehe! And these are my favourite girls!!! :) 

When i was in high school, i got so much attached to Disney Channel, that's why my so called fashion icons mostly were from disneyyy! hee~ However until now, they are still my idol!!! 

Honestly, actually, the CHARACTERS played by them were my icons! ;) 
Until now!

1. Selena Gomes as Alex Russo

She is super cute! She is 2 years younger than me! But i love her! She is simple, adorable...Her smile & her hair are her accessories!

She looks good in jeans!

And she choose her accessories perfectly! Love the glasses!

2. Sharpay Evans played by Ashley Tisdale

Her characters in High School Musical & her real personalities are totally different! Anyhow she still cute, gorgeous! She is sort of "the best of both world" kind of person! :D

Her girlish side in HSM was perfect on her!

The pretty blonde girl...

Love her t-shirt & specially love the jeans!!!

3. Sam Montgomery played by Hilary Duff

I started to like her when i watched A Cinderella Story. I have the same hairstyle with her last time, minus the blonde! haha! And after i watched her in ACS, i started to googled bout her and i watched all of her movies! My favourites are Material Girl, Lizzie Mc'Guire The Movie etc!


She has that kind of sweet innocent look

4. Hannah Montana played by Miley Cyrus

Don't be shock, little Hannah Montana was my idol tooo! ;p
I love her dress up in Hannah Montana! All of her outfit were simple, cute & innocent!!! And it suit my age last time! (Malu gila nak cakap sekarang pun minat lagi wakaka! :p)

5. Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester

She is forever my icon! She's perfect! My favourite gossip girl in the whole world! She has the perfect sweet look, and her personality is sooo damn adorable! Leighton Meester is another "Best of both world" kind! I just LOVE HER LIKE FOREVER!!!

Her hairband is just perfect!

 See, her bags in Gossip Girl! Every bag she carried hanged perfectly on her arm!
It not that the bag is unique or what, it just chanel~

 Her shoes her dress her everything! She's the perfect Blair Waldorf! 

 6. Putri Farhana played by Fazura

Well, Fazura, this is slightly different, i started to like Fazura when i first saw her in Remaja magazine, she was with Zizan Nin on the cover, if i'm not mistaken! Then i started to watch her in her every movies! 
Well, she is now Malaysia No.1 fashion icon, what else could i say right! 

She is cute and adorable and super super pretty!

Pink suit her! Actually any color suit her!

She is that girl with cuteness overload!!!

Oh myyy, i'm revealing something that i shouldnt have! Is it??? :p 


man said...

fazura pelakon paling lawa.heheh

A Girl Like You said...

yes! exactly! Pelakon tercantik Malaysia! ;)