Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Assalamualaikum hi lamanyeee xupdate.ok i'm acting like ada orang tgh baca blog i,sedangkan pada hakikatnya takde,tapi takpe i confident je.

Lama xupdate i've been missing my "a girl like you" but what to do i'm so busy with workload,i balik kerja lambat ok,spent time with my family,i have a relationship to take care off,and a new born baby,hopefully last long, please go to http://theartimpasto.blogspot.com to visit our baby... Dah xyah nak pening2 sgt fikir rupa baby tu camne...go visit thanks!

N actually my baby lappy buat hal! Sengal tul! Sentap betul! Tp nak buat mcm mana kan i seldom take care of her! ;(

Skrg ni lunch hour actually,tu yg masa terluang kekonon tu,i'm gonna update soon! Kthanxbye... ;)

Via iphone

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