Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Assalamualaikum, hello2 :) Huh, i'm not updating for how long already? Damn it more or less two weeks!!! Daa~ :p

Ok now i have tons of updates! So, please, dont go and stay tuned here! ;p

Last week, was a happy week for me!
My parents stayed here for 2 days! Bangun lambat, ada orang ready b'fast hantar p kerja, teman pergi lunch ;) bahagia nyeeee...

And i gotta spent quality times with him... si dia pun ada juga hantar & jemput dari tempat kerja... seronoknyeee... seghonoknye tak payah drive!

And i got my first salary last friday!!! Alhamdulillah more than what i expected, this month! :) yeah payday is something special for us, interns! The money itself, memang la something fun! But seing the twitter timeline flooded with cute tweets from friends, something like "$$$$", is fun! ;) heee~ Good to share good feelings, right! ;)
Even dulu i pernah worked as personal tutor (pendapatan lebih lumayan!) & become a business woman for a while (i get paid everyday!), tapi salary is still menyeronokkan sangat!!! :D

Happy first salary everyone! Happy one month being an intern! ;)
Lots of love! :)

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