Friday, February 17, 2012

Goodbye examinations!
Hello free timesss... ;)

And, one week later, hello internship! :(
I'm worried, afraid, don't know how to feel, about the internship!

Wishing everyone get a good results for the exams! And happy internships accounting peeps, and non-accounting friends... Good luck in becoming an intern! ;) Hope u guys, eh, hope we all will learn something during the internship, and may we all get a good pay too!!! :p ehehe!
Good luck! ;)

Happy holidays, mmu-nians!

*tengah siap2 nak pergi dinner with the girls*

p/s : All the best to my si jawa in his exam tomorrow! and to his friends too (ada dua ekoq kawan die ni) :pp Doa banyak2 k sayang ;)

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