Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Would Puss in Boots Do?

Puss in Boots

Okies, i love cats... And i wanna win the tickets from nuffnang... Premiere Screening of Puss in Boots okay! *Oh i'm excited to watch those cats!*

However, i need to answer this first...

How you would defeat the bad guys if you were Puss and Kitty Softpaws???

Okay, if i were the cats, Puss and Kitty Softpaws, my strengths are
1. i am small;
2. i'm cute and charming! aww! ; and
2. i have claws... ;)

So i will easily sneak around or being undercover or hiding anywhere, like, under the bed, to find information about my enemies; and if i was the Kitty Softpaws, or even if i was Puss, of course, yes, i'm cute, charming & adorable okay, so i can trick the bad guys by pretending to be, hmm, anything, like in those spies movies... by and if i'm being attacked i can use my sharp claws, if i didn't forgot to sharpen and polish my claws ;p

These are some of my cats! And yes they r somekind like Puss and Kitty... Yes believe me! ;)

Ok bye!

p/s : hope i'm gonna get the tix! cc : nuffnang ;p
okay fine even if i'm fail i'm gonna watch the puss okay!

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