Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reunion & Iftar ♥

Walaupun sama course, sama batch, sama class, tapi jaranggg dapat hang out together like this! Nak kumpulkan semua org macam ni, susah woooo! So, i'm happy, coz this event is workin'! ~ =D

Last Monday (15th August 2011), we, Bachelor of Accounting students of our batch, or i can say that mostly from our gang, last time, gotta gather together!!! ;) Somekind of reunion! *Aww love*

Afifah Nadiah Athirah Anwar Mirrah Syafiq Addin Geemah Intan Ezza Ratna Haafiz Qayum Izzah Farid Iqa Syaliza Izrina Hadhri

Thanks kepada semua yg hadir! I appreciate it so much! Although u just came to meet us, x berbuka sama2, tapi still tunjuk muka; although u have meeting later on, but u still make it to this gathering; although u have so much things to handle, settle, u still make it to this reunion; although u feels like "i wanna go, i dont wanna go" but u still came... Thank u so much! =)

Kami semua berbuka puasa di De'Lanai Cafe, Putrajaya, buffet, comment sikit on d food, hmm, the foods was okay la, sederhana! But the scenery of the cafe is cantik laaa, dekat dengan tasik kan, maka itu lah background kami capture the moment! ;)

By the way, i saw some of my friend's blogs, like Ezza's, Iqa's & Ratna's tulis congratz to the organizer, i would like to congratz the organizer too ;) hihi!

Anyway, nice to have this reunion & iftar, i know we can't go back to beta year where we hang out around twice a month semua, but, i wish, if we could spent some times, together, like this, sometimes, it would be enough... =)

p/s : =)


doublevoices said...

perfectly missing all of you.totally each and everyone of you T.T good luck for everything dearies<3

A Girl Like You said...

kalau free lawat la kami di sini!!! =)