Monday, July 4, 2011

Tutti Frutti Opening in Cyberjaya!

Tutti Frutti have been my favourite since i first taste it in One Utama with my friends! And now we can get it here! In Cyberjaya! AWESOME!!!

And since it was newly open so they gave 50% discount for every purchase okay! And memang jadah punye murah laaa! That's why pergi sekali is never enough! ;) Things that usually cost u quite a percentage of ur money can be bought with only 6 RM... So3x, x lepaskan peluang ke-emas-an ler kan! ;)

And oh thanks tutti frutti for the free gifts : balloons, pens & cupcakes!
I love Tutti Frutti awww ~

Enjoy the pics!


3rd July 2011



4th July 2011

p/s : Lepas x 50% xde la nak pergi hari2 okies! ;)


Tutti Frutti Cyberjaya said...

Tq dear for ur support...keep visiting our outlet...btw cool pics..

A Girl Like You said...

Sure! of course tutti frutti cyberjaya gonna be our new place to hang out! ;)

cengkerangcipot said...

best kan? sedap woo!!
i pergi isnin.. :)

A Girl Like You said...

yerpz! best2! pilih sendiri topping, that's why best! :D

cengkerangcipot said...

yeahh!! betul tu.. :)