Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heaven (Release Tension Version)

This hectic dying semester finally over! (Nasib baik subjects jenis yang x banyak and comel2 je n xde menyakitkan hati sangat =p)
And realise it or not, another year has gone! Bye2 Gamma!
I gain a lot lots lotsss of experiences! ;)
And macam orang selalu cakap, experiences is the best teacher...
Thank u teacher, i learnt a lot! I did, i'm glad! =D

p/s : Nanti nak story byk2 pasal gamma la, ala2 postmortem gitu, ek ekk ekkk! ;)

At the end of each semester we usually akan cari jalan to have fun! But this time 'round, everyone is busy packing up their stuffs to go back home, and another reason is that each year each month each day each second each momento, changes do occured therefore we'll juz go with flow when things might not be the same...

Exam's over is yeayy-ness!!!
Meet up with my favourite mates, mirrah & ezza before they going back is a must, or should i said meet up with my gg? =p tak dapat nak karok dgn korang this sem! Tp takpe2, next sem masa bukak sem we go nak x? ;p We had lunch together at Alamanda, and of course sempattt la kan, nak update2 status & stories! =p
Seronok and thanks for the great semester & being great companians!
Gonna miss u girls! Happy hols, remember me especially when u shop for souvenirs & stuffs! =p
hihihi! I will, tooo k k k!

p/s : Kenang daku dalam list souvenir mu, jalan2 tu ingat member ea! ;p


So that night we went for karaoke session! At first there's only four of us(me,ijat, jidin & dianne) plus another three become fantastic 7! =p
Weyh seriously nice place la, honestly speaking gua cuak jugak babe dengan tempat itu! Mmg unusual! Seriously i rasa cuak, thrilled, and macam good girl gone bad! Huahaha! (kidding! =p)
Was with Mohammad Izzat, Jidin, Dianne, Najib, Athi & Muiz, nice karok session guys!

p/s : sedap jugak suara korang ek jidin & najib


Btw, have i told that i'm private tutoring now? Teaching a standard 6 student... I teach together with my special someone ;) ... 4 subjects 2 subjects per person, i teach Math & Malay, and he teach Science & English... It, F.U,N! Insyaallah will do our best! ;) Saje nak guna time wisely! =p

p/s : kumpul duit kumpul duit, nak kawin senang! =p Main2 je!


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