Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Digi WWWoW Award

Digi Wwwow Award,
Internet for all award,
Malaysia's first, by the people for the people awards!

Offering many categories for malaysians to join!
Ada Best Internet for Good Award, Must-Follow Personality Award, Online Story of The Year, Picture of The Year, most of all, Blogger of The Year Award and so on...!
So, what r ya waiting for?! lets lets nominate urself for any of those categories!

And for orang2 yang singgah2 at this blog, my lovely2 dovey blog =p, kalau sudi & rajin, do click on the big word below


and buat la pape yg patut ea! ;p
(kalau sudi, x sudi nak buat camne =p)
Kalau sudi, thanks sangattttt muahxxx!
Kalau x sudi, pun thanks, tapi THANKS! =p

p/s : Syok sendiri ;p Hari2 vote diri sendiri je laaa =p

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