Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale, I rate it 4.75 stars! Well, it fairytales, princess story, of course it sooooo my type! =) I love love love this movie! Rather than Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel is way better!

This movie not so childish, kind of matured, sesuai untuk tontonan umum la! The best part is there's a lot of funny scene! Rapunzel and Flynn Rider is just nice! And the horse, Maximus, was so cute! As usual, what best about fairytales are the lovestory, the songs, beautiful princess, those cute animals, charming prince, and the best part is the happy ending! Oh sweeetttt ;)
*Bestnye jadi princess, in fairytales... I want to be those princess? =p

The songs pun best sangat! Xde lar best sangat, tapi as usual, comel (macam dalam Enchanted) "When Will My Life Begin", "I See The Light", "The Tear Heals" etc...

Oh, my favourite part! My favourite part is when they released the lantern! And they are in the middle of the lake... N the lantern colored the sky... I dont want to type anything more, it just so sweet!

Conclusion is, harus lah tengok Rapunzel, siapa tak tengok, rugiiiii sangat! ;)

I believe in fairytales! not exactly, but i believe we can be happy macam fairytales...
I LOVE fairytales forever!!! N ever... haha! =p


N i actually watched this with my cool mates, Ezza & Mirrah!!! And we actually, hmm, ter-shopping! Mirrah ni lah! haish! =p And actually i quite love the cardigan we get from M&G, sama dgn mirrah just colour lain2! Tengah sales okay, takkan nak lalu2 jer, mesti lah singgah jap! =p

And we actually have our meal dekat, dekat, hmm, SUBWAY! Memang da xde tempat lain da! Kalau IOI Mall jer, Subway lar jawabnye! hmm... (ezza2...) =p hahaha!

And again, we had a lot of fun, dont we?! sampai lupa nak balik campus semua?! =p hahaha! Nanti kita shopping lagi okies, girls! =D

p/s : Nak jadi princess dalam fairytales, bole x? or at least, in my real life? hahaha! =p


4613 said...

kompom ms tgk movie rapunzel fifa berangan jd princess kn? haha

Afifah said...

hiii! lama x nmpk, kat sini =p
hahaha! berangan lar jugaks~ =p hahaha...

4613 said...

tu la pasal ~
lame gile tak bukak blog ni ~
lupe ~