Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Strong, My Friend...

Ok, being home story! I'm usually never bored coz i have fast perfect wifi at home, but this time... =( I don't know whether there's problem with streamyx, or it the effect of past few days hujan ribut petir... My astro spoiled too, so no astro too! cool har!!! But thank god, i'm downloaded a lots of movies, thank u cybertracker! ;p

I haven't meet up with my friends yet... And my best friend, ishiqha, she's gone, i've been waiting to meet her, i miss her... i'll try to call her later2... And i wanna get some haircut, nnti!
Also, i want to update about the movies i watched also nanti, when i have good internet connection! I'v been missing facebook... My connection is real slow! i mean it, slow macam siput sedut...! But it okay, holiday wasn't that bad... but i can't google, youtube, even worse, i can't family feud! hmm, x sabar nk jumpa geng2 family feud for family feud-ing session =p

And there's accident, if u heard of it, dekat highway Melaka-KL... Last night i suddenly received a call, from my old friend, he asked me, whether i've heard of it or not... And, actually one of the car involved is, my friend's, my school classmate... I've been really thinking about it... He's our friend... hmm nothing happen to him, but his parents... will be hard time for him, we know... I hope he's strong... I really feel sorry for him... He's mmu student from melaka... I just thought of reunion for our class, 5C, like yesterday when i'm flipping on my yearbook, and it not quite possible now... it just i wish he's strong...~

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