Monday, October 18, 2010

First day of class... ;)

Today is first day of the new semester!!! I'm actually excited... hihi! Well, kata nak berubah-ubah kannn... =p

Our first class was Corporate Finance, 9-11am... Cool... Went to class with Tira, Nadiah & Gee! Corporate Finance is a tough subject and thanks god our lecturer is good! She taught us Principle of Finance before! And we were sitting in the first row okay (gila focus! =p) Since it the first class so not many people shown up yet... Class finished sharp at 11am!

Then it kinda like 'Printer Day'... We(Gee Tira Nadiah & me)headed to Bangi to fix our printer... Macam comel pun ada (masuk bakul angkat sendiri) masing2 angkut printer kannn... Printer hantar dekat bangi, 3 printers in total... So sebab tunggu lama, we had lunch at RasaMas Warta Bangi tu... Then geemah & saya siap beli buku, buku yang bertauliah yer, berbaloi lar juga... hehe! =p

Gambar first day class ;p

Ok, petang nanti i'm gonna watch Magika with Tira Zaris & Nadiah...
Till then c ya~ =p

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