Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ceritera Dulu & Kini ;p

dekat nak sama x pose ;)

Introducing my highschool sweetheart, Ishiqha... We gotta meet up finally...

Dulu2 during school timesss, we always go anywhere together, though we were from the different classes, but we spent a lot of times together! joined the same uniform unit (kadet bomba & penyelamat) *rindu2! Kawad kaki sama2, pergi kawalan sama2, hari sukan sama2, merentas desa sama2 Ok that's all introduction for now... I'll elaborate more in other post! Bout schools, n time we spent together yerpz! ;) *love2*

Yesterday we met up... I go to her house to take her and we headed to Secret Recipe (just opened in Segamat okay). Masa dalam kereta macam banyak sangat nak cerita, sekali sampai, macam xder cerita pula kannn, haha! Then lepak sana around, lama juga! And we managed to tell a lot of stories lar, since last year we met, so stories last year were extended until now, baru sambung balik! ahaha!
After that we went to Rock Garden, main2 buaian, jongkang-jongket... We used to go there during school times! And we've talked bout a lot of stuffs lar!!! We really talked a lottttt! and as always, all of them are BIG SECRET! ;)

Love u babe!


we never planned to wear the same color but since dulu until now we always end up wearing the same color... ;) Like, seriously, pink ker, white, black etc!

This is our 2nd day of day out! I had funnnn sekian!

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