Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

Wow, title cool kan! haha! =p Oh, well, as everyone knows, kan Clinique collaborate with CLEO and have this tour, to colleges and universities, and there's where i got this new look! hahaha!
The tagline "turn your dream into a reality"...

What they did are :
1. Consultation by Clinique experts
2. Make-up by Clinique makeup experts (i must mention that "CLINIQUE" kannnn =p)
3. Got a hair styled by Salon Esprit (seriously i never knew that there's Esprit salon)

4. Photo took by a professional photographer
5. Door gift worth RM 130

Actually i got a lipgloss and a makeup base(something like that) and RM50 voucher to Salon Esprit & free makeups & free hairdo & free consultation (actually all the freeeeeee thingy i wrote tu not exactly free lar! =p) , and i juz paid RM30 for all those! It kinda worth it i guess, coz it juz for fun actually (that's what my friends nadhrah & sarah said ;p)...

Actually that day, i walk in front of the library alone and this promoter gave me free sample of clinique product, then i walked home, but on my way i bump into nadhrah, sarah & minrong n i told them about this, and they kinda excited to have a look, i brought them there and finally we decided to do this together! awwwww! thanks girls! It such an experience! hahaha! I kinda have fun doing this, but not really lar! it just free times activities for me, okies2...
with my makeup artist, hahahahaha! (statement! jgn gelak!)

that's the Clinique exclusive mirror (cewah kannn! =p)

professional okays! ;p

my classmates (sarah alicia, nadhrah & minrong)

And then tika came to that place and we went back to hostel together(perlu ker cerita! hahas!) then i'm having lunch with tika, zaris & mareena... Ok done with my storyyy!

photoshoot session with tika...

biasa lar, time makan mmg buruk sikit =p

(gambar syok sendiri byk lagi sebenarnya tp siapa nak upload, tidakkk! ;p)

p/s : And oh, actually, i'll having more funssss when i'm going to interesting classes or doing activities with my friends or doing events with my club or preparing for assignments with presentation! But i hate reading assignments where i have to read a lotsss;)

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