Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Week of GAMMA Year =)

Hmm, well, long time not updating anything... You can see how busy i am kannn... hehehe... First day busy tidying up my new room, angkut2 barang from my kereta, bertrip2 lar baru habis kannn, ya know, my stuffs... Huh n this is my new room!!!

nampak x poster tu??? I have it

♥ ♥ ♥

And then baru naik sem ni, mcm penat! n penat lar! class, meeting, promoting, thinking=p... Consume a lot of energy betul! Yeah, promoting for RMWD! The problem is, how to promote when there's not even a meeting have been organized yet, details pun so so lar...~ N then i yg CAC ni pula, pun i dont know yet how many people will attend the orientation night. So, how might i order or survey the prices? But overall, it okayyy, I kinda love my hectic life!

I kinda love my hectic lifestyle, coz it make me more focus... So, i seriously want to focus on my study, and those tiredness... Seriously! As for this semester i took 6 subjects, instead of 7, because at first i registered 7, and i've dropped my business law,and m planning to take it next sem, if possible...

And overall have attended some of the classes, MA2 (the lecturer is good, and i like her *first impression lar), Technology management(the subject is okay i guess), and National Dance(cikgu tu baikkk, n i'm gonna lovvveeey the classes! ;)
First day of GAMMA year!

♥ ♥ ♥

i afraid i cannot manage my time well later on but i want this something, it a great opportunity! =( Okay, one of my CAC friend offering me to become d representative of our club to the BIG 5 accounting firm!!! OMG, it BIG 5! How i could i refuse, that's my dream since i went for the orientation night last year,hehe (berangan juga rupanya =p) mean it big 5 okies! It a big oppurtunity here, to learn!!! I think i should really go for it! representative. big 5 siuttt...! coz i takut, pisang x berbuah dua kali, ni peluang keemasan~~~ So???

p/s : Time for my self, time for family and time to improve myself, i letakkan time for myself di belakang sekali dalam senarai keutamaan i =)
See! What a improvement! =p

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