Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday, have done with my first paper, Management Accounting... overall, it sucks okies! The questions looks easy but deep inside the questions, it tough! Betullll! x tipu... =p The questions seems direct, but the content, was not...

Then, (baru habis satu paper)... I almost forgot that i have 4 more papers to go, perasan macam da habis exam lar sangat kan! Back to hostel Zaris came to my room and we AF-ing together... Tgk konsert sikit jer... Da lama sangat da tak tengok! I'm not that interested anymore! =p

And after have lunch/dinner with Tika tadi, went to Cyberpark kejap... Menghirup udara segar... Lama da x keep in touch with nature! =) And release tension(konon)... Ish, yang best bagi ikan makan, the fishes there are huge! Buat lauk pun sodap... haha! =p

if mata anda tajam, anda akan nampak ikan!

i took it, nice right!

Then as usual Ada♥aya... Btw, sekarang Adamaya ni semakin menyakitkan hati... X sanggup melihat cerita yang mempamerkan maksiat dan kederhakaan seorang isteri (cewah, ayat! =p) But still, Amani tu cute yang teramat amat amat amat amat sangat! I can't stand to watch her, rasa macam nak dukung! Cutenyerrr... I'm in love with her!

And malam ni tadi pula, i slept for one hour then buat hostel tour sikit, then tersinggah di bilik Intan and watching movie with Gee & Ratna... Haish...

Btw, esok muet! Good luck to me! still, i need the luck so much, wish me luck!

p/s : Am i being unlucky today? Hmm, i silent from facebook today, benci lar! malu jerrr org tu cakap mcm tu =(


AiRa's stUfF said...


goodluck exam jugak....

btw, taley blah lagu.. hahhaha..

ada <3aya.. haha

AiRa's stUfF said...

oke.. xreti bt...huhuhu..


Afifah said...

hahaha... thanks!!! good luck juga!!!
nak dgr lagu jiwang2 dtg lar ke page ini... hehe =p