Sunday, May 23, 2010


Okies, today, i've sacrifice one of my precious moment watching my favourite show for this year, live from my home LCD plasma tv(ayat x bole tragis lagi =p), to meet my old friends... hihihi =p
I miss them, like damn much! But tu pun, x cukup koata... juz 9 persons, and at our usual place, NanYang Kopitiam... And thanks to the organizer, 文缤,for the last minute plan! But having fun hanging out with u guys! Like, we haven't met for around, hmm, one year? around that lar... CNY, i'm not here... It really difficult to gather all of us together... it really hard... 我很想念你们,你们知道吗。。。And i never thought each time we meet, we were like, never change at all! We can keep on talking, crapping, non-stop... hmm...

Just now we got, Boon Pin, Kar Yi, Sia Lee, Zh Cheng, Chia Yong, Wen Ying, Kok Kiong, Chor Shen... Boon pin, u are great, gathering at 9pm, u call me at 8pm, where i'm getting ready to watch my Konsert Final AF8... Kan kan kan... But for you, 我去吧!;) And 其实我们也庆祝 kokkiong's生日。。。Some of my friends that i miss 没有在,yeah, they're in KL, S'pore, everywhere! 顺辉daniel, 凯茹德谨kiwi, 俊杰, i miss u guys =(

Actually guys, nak tau x, my world has changed, total different, i've been in totally different world...

"To my new world, u guys should understand if i doesn't cope with it well, but now, i'm doing good... haha! Maybe my first sem degree, i juz came onto this new world, i feel awkward? But now, i'll use my skill(haha) to live, to find myself, to take very good care of myself, by myself!) Masa Melaka? My family always protect me, dekat, come to see me almost every week... And i have friends that try to protect me, too... Nina, Iqa... But now, i'm independent! I have to protect myself, until i found friends that can protect me, haha! papa mama, jauh... Dunia ni sangat luas"
(opps, ader lari tajuk ker =p)

*more photos coming right up, seriously, coz those i'll have to get it from my friend...*

p/s : i miss my friend, ishiqha too...


Allright2, about AF, i'm totally gonna watch it, soon, since i've missed it... As we all know, champion is Shahir, 2nd Adira, 3rd Daus, 4th Maulana and 5th Iwan...
Nvm Iwan, i'm still ur fan... hehe! =D
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p/s : boon pin, help me please??? thanks ;)

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