Friday, May 7, 2010

Elle Woods

Elle Woods

is such an inspiration for me today!

She's strong, she just need herself to survive!
I want to be like that too, strong, confident, passionate, one more thing, i want to be a bit heartless, coz depending on your heart, to live, is hurt... Not everyone, have a heart... Even if they have, they dont use it... Allright! =D

Oh yeah, i watched Legally Blonde, again! For the, hmm, how many times i don't know! Just it! Well, pink rules! ;)

She has everything! Loving family(i have one too), herself, her pet, her nice car, her attitude, her outfits, i love everything about Elle Woods!
She's such a princess!

Allright, c ya~
*okies, i might be updating about elle woods again and again and again ok =p*

p/s : opps, i forgot about Macroecons & FAR for a while =p Btw, have been in d lib for 5 hours today and that's the only times i studied...

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