Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today i've attended a MUET seminar... morning until evening... Juz a preparation to sit for d MUET! Also a reminder that, fifa, u have lotz of things to do!!! Jgn main2 lagi! But i nak main2 juga...hee~ =p The seminar, quite helping juga lar i guess... Insyaallah...
And i also attended MEMOIRS Photography Exhibition... It cool & i like it! A lotz of cool photos and it was soooo impressive! Seriously it cool! I love to see it!

This is my favourite! * i forgot d photographer's name, sorry =(

And long time did not watch football... And after long long long time did not watch MANCHESTER UNITED vs CHELSEA, today was the battle!(The last time was like 3 months back?) And as usual, when ManUtd meet Chelsea, it a big game! Something kecoh! And i'm definitely at Man Utd's side! Don't ever forget! (though there's no more CR)... So, Chelsea won the match! (it allright it okie, esok masih ader)... Arghhh! Again! Well, Rooney x masuk & Man.Utd attacked quite a lotz, but sayang2 sekali~


And then i watched AF, tgk separuh jer, kasi sejuk sikit panas tengok bola tadi~ =p
Later lar i watched it in Youtube again!

There's a contestant sang my favourite song from my favourite singer, Elyana! Anum-Kau Atau Aku... =D And that's my favourite for Konsert Akademi Fantasia Ketiga.

Simple update about today... And i'm currently not in the happy mode~ =(((
I'm homesick tooo... =(((

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