Monday, April 5, 2010

My day was not filled up by assingments yang berlambak tapi x reti2 nak start, but hmm...
First thing first i found out a very interesting youtube channel(First listen to them from Adrian's blog)... Once i listen to them i fall in love with them and i'm a fan of Janice & Sonia(JS) now... They are two Korean girl, twins actually, from Australia, very cute and damn amazing! And their voices are superb! Trust me, trust me, trust me! (kalau lar AF mcm ni =p)

Please listen please...


Okie, then today we had lunch at Cyberia... Then i straight drove to this lake in Cyberjaya, Aness
introduced it to me yesterday, and i juz went there to hav a look! Thanks Aness! And yeah, to refreshing my eyes yang da lama x melihat alam luar MMU ni...! It a great place! Bole lar jogging situ next time... We can also see Putrajaya from there! Oh boy, it really nice view for me! Lovin' the place!

A few picts to see the latest me ;p
I'm not a great photographer, this all i can get from my N97 mini =( *not DSLR

pembangunan di seberang sana(ececeh)

oh, scene movie apa pula ni...



And also, i did not watch Debaran Akademi Fantasia for today, still busying for other stuffs... And well, Anum terkeluar... I don't like her much seriously, but her yesterday's performance was kind of entertaining... Besides, for yesterdays, i like Anum, Syahir & Aliff(though x suka dia) performances! Mcm best! Ish3x, orang lain yang patut keluar, orang lain yang keluar... And don't ask me who i voted for, undi adalah rahsia =p walaupun x banyak(mmg sgt x banyak=p) hope it helps...Hmm~

AF8 AF8, kenapa lar i started to watch u...

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