Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lotza of assignment queueing, like suddenly... We have come to the excited part of the semester, "last minutes assignment" "and final's almost here!" It cool, the feeling is like "OMG,OMG,OMG,my assignment!" But my hand, heart and mind still on the lappy, facebook, twitter, youtube, Akademi Fantasia... =D

Okie, let see what queues up here...
1. Management Accounting Assignment-Case Study [submission date:comin' monday]
2.Spanish Assignent & presentation [date : comin' monday TOO! *at first he said it two weeks later, damn!*]
3.Macroecons Assignment [Questions will be given tomorrow(which is today) and presentation on next thursday]
4.FAR Assignment (will have a look on it tomorrow allright!*obviously x buka lagi)

Oh, yeah, this package havent complete YET! HAvent plus with the MUET thingy, har! baru complete! =D [24th april & 3rd May] Then final exam's comin' up! =D


Nowadays FAR class, i think i can understand better, or is it because it about the cashflow thingy rather than Company account? Hmm...


And sometimes i feels like i'm too excited about life! I want it all! I want to do everything! Like for now, i get stuck with assignments & stress... Cannot thinking of hanging out, paintball, i miss to get paint! =( I saw an ads about paintball, we can enter, but without practice and play regularly, how come nak redah jer!
I hate to get stuck with this...

Har! Plus i wanna watch AF live so much! And now, fikir 2 3 kali juga lar... =(
But da fikir 2 3 kali pun, nak juga lar, hehehe =p

Har, btw, in AF I nak Afundi for Maulana & Daus pula lar, no more Afundi Iwan kotz... =p


Happy April Fool!!!

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