Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy! / Hooperz

opps, i didnt mean it =p

Well it has been a longggg week! Started from, like, monday, i've been berkampung-kampungan di library! Ya know, studying (lar sangat!) Sometimes just went there alone, and sometimes with my peeps... Yeah, everyone busy preparing for the final exams! Though i'm preparing too, but i think i need some motivation to make me nervous, about this exam... I'm just too cool, too relax, about the exam, since like i was in kindergartden, haha! But that's just me! I get nervous over other thingy, but when it comes to exam, i seldom get nervous =p But when it really really really comes to the day, the exam day, i'll get nervous... hahaha! poyo jer!
(fifa2, pergi library dgn niat yg betul yerrr =p)

So, busying... Management Accounting, i think i've cover it all, just not practising yet... Macam mana ea! Other subjects, macro, FAR, AIS, Spanish, haven't even touch it yettt! Hmm! Fifa, fifa...

I wish i'm just a kid, don't have to think of anything, all i should think about is "hmm, what to play tomorrow?"haha... (But i think i'm getting more independent now! *proud of myself* haha)


But, btw, i watched movie yesterday, tira ni ajak! =p Hooperz!!! Staring : Melissa Maureen, Juliana Evans, Anita Baharom and more pretty girls =) Best juga, about netball.... Best because this movie is so my type! But if it not your type, it'll gonna be dull...

And my favourite character is, Saidatul, i guess... Cute! Watch this movie okies!


And today, like right now, gonna drive all the way to Bangi, my cousin's getting married... And she said to me, "takut lar..." I don't know, i mean, takut ker nak kahwin? hahaha =p See, busy kan! Tomorrow is the majlis walimatulurus nyer, wow! And my exam is like, on Monday? Muet speaking test, on Tuesday!!! Great great great!


And oh yeah, promoting for SRM MMU event... Oh, speaking about that,
Come on come on, join me, i mean us
Homestay di Perkampungan Orang Asli, Gombak
18-20 June 2010
Let's gain new experience!!!

Hmm, till then, see ya!

p/s : fifa2, focus yeah, hmm jgn fikir pasal "benda lain"... exam ni... =p

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