Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yesterday was our papers, 2 screwed papers... Trust me memang da hancus... And for the whole day, bawa kepala yang berat walking here and there(bukan berat dgn ilmu yer, but berat sebab tension, haha!), don't have any chance to go back to our room from 1pm to 9pm, we only managed to go back during the gap between 11am-1pm...

So, at night, we went back to hostel at almost 10pm after dinner, then suddenly dapat tau, that we have to guard our booth 2-4pm... GREAT! Memang tak arr! So, we(tira & i) forced our friends which their shift was on 12am-2am to work for 4 hours, 12-4am with us! And actually we're not only guarding but also have to paint stuffs... We paint using our hand allright! Coz there's not enough brush! arghh! Tapi honestly speaking, kitaorang memang rajin lar(honestly kerrr)! hihi! Besides we played UNO, da mmg hantu UNO....! =p
So, i dont have any energy left to write allright! We went back to slept on 5am, see how hard have we worked...! Patut dapat pingat ni, haha! =p oh, fyi, we work as College Festival Committee... =D

rajin betul budak2 ni =p

artistik isn't it... hehe =p


p/s : Thank god i did not lose in those game! otherwise... huh! =p

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