Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today, we celebrated Ratna & Izza birthday!!!
So, happy belated birthday to Ratna (yang suda tua) & happy birthday in advance to Izzah(yang suda hampir tua), so, korang da bole kahwin yer, coz u girls are 20!!! =D
So, the director of the whole story is Aness... She ordered us to do this, do that(ceh, order...=p) The whole plan is quite successful and almost every one invited showed up(yer2 jer, x tau pun who's invited)...okie!

After our Macroecons class, we went to Alamanda, coz we thought we gonna buy drinks for that evening... So, Gee,Intan & Anwar 1 kereta while Tira,me & Nadiah 1 kereta... On the way to Alamanda, Aness called and said that Syafiq da beli air, so, da on the way da pun, juz teruskan lar right! We had lunch there at TCRS(my favourite! hihi)... And then we were about to buy chips(cheap chips), hehe, whatever! Ok, kitaorang jalan2 dulu, sempat jer window shopping... And we stopped by a stall, jual specs, and Intan semangat giler ajak beli... Okie, the glasses are cute so we bought it, me,Tira,Intan,Gee & Nadiah bought it! Guess how much the price is... teka lar berapa angka... hahaha! So, x habis2 lar camwhore with that specs kan! And one more thing, when kitaorang sit at this place, 5 of us, tunggu Anwar, there's a mak cik lalu, she suddenly stopped by and said, "Ni semua cantik2 ni, jaga diri elok2 tau", hahaha! Eh2, bukan nak show off lar! Ish3x, por favor, don't misunderstand, it just that 5 5 orang ni da perasan, opps not 5, it 4(excluded me, hehe)...=p

ni lar, yang mak cik tu lalu... =p

So, bout the surprise party... Nadhrah & the gang, Syafiq & the gang, Intan & the gang (gang3x,x hbs2!), and Izza's boyfriend, were already there, so we brought the cake, fine i hold and brought the cake!!! Yelar2! So, we preparing lar, arranged the stuffs and so on sambil tunggu Aness call... And i lazy to type more, so scroll down for the pictures which explain d situation okie!
Or visit Ratna, Aness or Izzah, i think they'll make an entry of this too?!...

i siap pakai protection to protect the cake tau! So jangan nak tuduh2, especially to cik suraya... =p

geng kaca mata...hahaha! =p

everyone waiting for...

birthday girls!!!

tak sia2 beli tepung kan! =D

Ratna's happy face setelah mengenakan orang!
(i tahan geram tu=p)

makan dulu!


birthday girls, Ratna Eliza & Izzah Fadzlani
with their birthday cake

with intan
tak sempat main uno! =(

see people behind, ready to jump, yang depan, ayu2 belaka! =p

i like this pict, hening jerr...

kami & baldi

Okie, i think this is the masterpiece


izza the PINKERTON said...

ahahaha comel je post ni. I LIKE :D

kantoi kat mana korg beli sunglasses tu :P

Afifah said...

hahaha... thank you! =D

Beli dekat Alamanda, yg dkt depan Sinma semua tu... semangat jer pakai...haha =p

izza the PINKERTON said...

ahahah dkt kiosk2 kecik tu kan. bongek la korg. i nak beli jgk nnt :D

Afifah said...

bagus! nnti pakai sama2 ea, dkt class!
especially dkt class FAR... =D