Monday, March 1, 2010

Paintball by Outrecs Melaka

Today, 28/2, we played paintball again!!! I'm so addicted to it!!! Seriously!!! So crazy about paintball!!!!!

This is an event of Outrecs MMU Melaka, kitaorg menumpang jerrr, thanks lar wong bagitau... hihi... Da terlalu lalu lalu gian =D Thanks lar coz mengalu-alukan kitaorg! =) So enjoying it!!! Next time ajak lagi! =D

So, they said they will arrived around 9am, so we(Tira, Zaris & I) went out awal sikit to have breakfast first(ok lar tu kan, x cakap pun keluar awal =p), then breakfast dulu dekat mamak, and we ariving there, tempat paintball tu ON TIME! =p

We actually played at Sourthern Legion Park, Kajang... Tempat dia best! Bunkers dia memang best! Then people from Melaka actually sampai around almost 10am... Yelar2, it ok lar, org jauh kan...

This time we played a total amount of 5 games!!! Memang teramat2 best! I can't stop thinking about paintball right now! Kali ni main pun da pro sikit, coz it our 3rd time kan, survive pun lama sikit, mati pun secara bermaruah(ececeh)... Yang lagi best, all this while main, x pernah pula ader orang nak puji kan, but this time, fuh, bangga2, haha... =p Since this is our 3rd time to play, so more experienced =D i rasa this time i da pandai elak2 sikit, that's why xder lebam2 ni! hee~ =D

ader style x... (walaupun baju pinjam okie) =p

tengok orang2 pro =pp

my team!

spot me there...

tira main 'snake' =)




About the game pula, there's a lot of bunkers, but my favourite is 'snake', 'dorito' pun ok (ceh, budget tau nama2 bunker lar ni, padahal x tau pun, we called dorito as nasi lemak) but main dekat 'snake' is the best, we have to crawl and people barely notice we were there so easier to aim but orang lain aim kita pun susah juga... =D

Whatever it is, i'm addicted to paintball okie!!! When is the next time... =(

p/s : i still remember nasihat from KGG dulu(biar x terror, gaya mesti ada)

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