Saturday, March 20, 2010

New addiction : Akademi Fantasia 8

Har! I watch AF now... hee~ =) I'm not watching Akademi Fantasia like, for years! Last time i seriously watch was masa Mawi tu, then i skipped AF4 and only watch concerts for AF5, yg ada Dafi tu...tu pun after Dafi tersingkir i did not watch it anymore

And now, welcome back to AF world, Afifah! And congratulations coz memang xkan buat kerja lain nya da, menghadap AF jerrr... But there is cure for this addiction tau! The cure is, if my favourite student tersingkir, I wouldn't watch it anymore! But too bad, because i'm sure my favourite student would not be kick out! In fact i think he will be the champion!

So, there are several students is my favourite, but obviously like i mentioned before, there's one is my favourite of all! hahaha... Actually at first i don't plan to watch Akademi Fantasia at all! But suddenly i watched it coz i wanna know something and bila da start, addicted terus lar... Hari2 tunggu diari...~

Oh, btw, my favourites are Daus, Maulana, Shahir, Adira, Erma, Farina & most favourite of all and all and all is, Iwan! hee~
"Den pun bole"... Jgn lupa AFUNDI yerr... hehehe~
He'll sing "Haven't Met You Yet" for this week =)

And yang i x berapa suka is hmm,Nad jerr kotz... nak juga anti2 kan... Alar, mana bole xder parti pembangkang... hehe! Allright that's all bout AF and me! C ya!


LeEsA™ said...

fifah dearrr !

anda di tag !
jgn lpe wt yeee ;)

tengss ;pp

Afifah said...

alar, x bole copy paste pun... =p hehe

LeEsA™ said...

haha. boleyy jeh laa !
tkan ctrl+C

right click mmg taley
sowiee ;(

Afifah said...

oh, allright2!!! =)