Saturday, March 20, 2010

InnerShine Berry Essence

Know what? I'm trying on this product...
And let see, macam mana kesannyer nnti... Makin cute ker, x ker, hahahahaha! The taste, ok, can do lar... Somekind like ribenna but, ribenna lagi sedap, this one a bit more sour that's all, but sedap juga!
And wanna know why i bought it? Simply because, i saw there's AF contest comes together with that box...

hahaha! poyo2... So, i'll update about me vs AF later at night perhaps, telling which students i like, i love, haha! And yang mana tak payah undi(jangan mara)... hehe =pp
Allright! Nak study sikit =p (iyer2 jer, tgk2 melayan youtube AF)... Arghhhh! Stop it!

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