Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Celebration 1

So, yesterday was my birthday right! (malu jer nak cakap sendiri =p) Now i'm gonna write bout the celebration... ececeh... Alar, ala2 kadar... Kata da besar... =p Actually on 3rd february which is on my birthday, kan i received many2 so many wishes from everyone, but my friends yang beberapa kerat ni langsung tak wish, and we usually prank our friend on 12 midnight of their birthday but they also dont do that to me(coz i've mentioned that when i woke up it just a new day for me =p)... So i thought they gona do something on that morning(ceh, perasan jer, but then nothing happen) Diaorg buat derk jer n i thought they will just give me present =p

So malam 3rd february we go to mamak, have our dinner, play UNO and so on... Then when we came back, i smell something gonna happen, but malas nak perasan, then when tira, zaris & me step into my room, hahah! iffah & nadiah waited there, dgn muffinnyer & birthday song! thanks so much girls! i appreciate it! alar, i tau korang sajer nak buat2 i sedih dulu konon, but i'm stronger okie, kata 20 years old~ =p

Design Iffah ea! =p(x habis2 cakap dier design)


Present from Tira, Zaris, Nadiah, Iffah & Tika
(craving for this thing for so long time dy, thanks girls!!!) =D


And today pula, went to tutorial class in the morning, same class with Ratna & Anwar... Then Ratna selak2 newspaper, we saw Burger King ads, murah bangat! So, dan2 terus nak lunch BK... I on jer... =p Then kitaorang pun berjanji2 lar nak meet up in Alamanda... Ratna pula ajak karaokie, sakit2 tekak pun nak juga, kalau da memang hobby... =p

So, lunch dekat BK, we went there by Tira's car with tira(of course), mirrah, izza & nadiah... Ratna pula with gee, aness & anwar... After lunch, karaokie! Around 12.30pm lar... We only have one hours seems anees have to rush back for tutorial class at 2pm...



So, karaokie... This time, i don't smell anything comin's up, coz i thought just karaokie suka2 before class(haha, org baca notes before class=p)... But in the middle of the session, i remember that time tengah layan lagu Tak Tahu Antara Dua, suddenly anwar bring me slice of cake and they sang birthday song... Happy? mesti lar! Thanks so much so much so much guys! I appreciate it sooo much sooooo much! Pandai korang pakat2 dlm class without my attention at all ea... Thank you sooo much guys! Love ya'll !!!

cun kan kan kan! ;)

there it is...

holding present from mirrah, izza & gee~ (baru beli time tu juga =p)

And this is the present! With earings... Loveeee it! (tau2 jer beli pink ;p)

So, so far, i have a great birthday!(ceh, so far, da habis da pun suppose, haha! =p) Thank you to all all all my friends and thanks to everyone who wishing me! Love ya all!

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