Friday, January 29, 2010

Today kan, is friday kan... So classes is like sunyi2 sikit, taapi xder lar sunyi sangat... hehe... For this semester, my classes for friday is only until 12pm... Okie lar tu! =) 

And guess what, papa datang hari ni, just to hand the items that suppose to be posted to me... I mean, i dont need it so much, i can use anything here or buy anything i needed for my camp! (talk about the camp, hopefully best lar, and i'm so eager to go just because of "paintball"!!!) So, papa sampai sini aroound petang, then we straight go to Midvalley to take my baby, lappy lar! Da okie da, but now still using old lappy lar... Tu yang sebenarnya papa ni, takut sangat anak dier pergi sendiri, hahah! But takper, dier da tunjukkan jalan to go there, that's mean da approve lar tu... =p And minyak kereta pun da penuh... hmm~ kurang credit transaction in my account book... =p hahaha... So, after check out my lappy, we go for dinner dekat The Manhattan Fish Market! Sedap! Then papa sent me back to hostel... Best lar gotta talk to papa, discussing about things, many things, my current life...

our dinner... caesar sallad

Fish & Chips...(sedap duh)

So, now, i'm confuse, am I a big girl??? hahaha... 
I'm going to turn 20 soooo soon okie! Hmm... can't wait for it! I can't wait for the day every year lar! ;p Whatever!

And tomorrow going to a canp! Yang best, ader paaaaainnnnntballlll... ;) yeayy...! Hopefully it gonna be fun! =p daa~

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