Monday, January 18, 2010

So fine, i just checked my results, and my results doing great... haha... But because of last semester, i was sucks, so my final CGPA is just fine... whatever it is, alhamdulillah alhamdulillah... yelar, hidup x selalu indah, ujian kecil macam ni jer afifah, xkan x bole nak handle... Fine, i admit, my heart meronta giler geram of my last semester results, but, orang lain tu, lagi besar dugaan hidup dier kan, losing family lar, dapat penyakit macam2 lar, xkan i setakat GPA first semster of degree year jatuh merundum i cannot handle?! Afifah, u can handle it! Haiz, so his sem okie lar tu kan kan kan...!

Yesterday, i went to midvalley, to send my baby aka lappy to Sony Centre there... Sedih2, baru lagi da sakit dier... It will take about one week for them to fix it... =( So now i'm using my old Acer... Kesian my pinky lappy... Kesian giler dapat tuan mcm ni... Kesian semua barang i yg get me as their parent aka owner... haha... seriously!
So, yesterday, adik shop for his sport shoes, and i shop for flip flop... nak juga... Then we headed to Jalan TAR teman angah to shop for her hantaran stuff... Balik mmu da malam, and i took 2 hours plus to tidy up the room... ish3x, damn tired okie! really giler penat! but great feeling coz the room seems clean and new... haha... =)

Okie till then, gonna prepare for my first day classes... huh!~

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