Sunday, January 31, 2010

UPG Peers Gathering Camp

Actually i've back from this camp, organize by UPG... Best juga! Ramai yg kenal... Activity pun okie lar, can do lar...

We departed from STAD MMU around 8.30am... me,tira,tika & iffah bertolak dari hostel pukul 7am, semangat duh! =p then at first i ask them to buy water from 7 eleven, they said tak sempat lar and so on, then tunggu punya tunggu tak gerak lagi,baru lar diaorang nak pergi 7 eleven lar and so on... haha! Then we arrived at Taman Rekreasi Ayer Keroh around 10am...

Then, activities start! Aper ea kitaorang main, hmm... First, we played rakit, we have to build up the rakit sendiri in a group of 9... We called our group Sambal(but group ni just last for one game jer) haiz... beria bagi nama, baikkkk punya! =p So, after that we move on to, to... to... PAINTBALL! Kena tembak ker tak? kena lar...but tak sesakit the previous camp lar... tapi lebam cikit jer... =p Consist of 5 groups, i'm in the group 3, my teammates were me, kak shira, abg muin, zul & shafiq... We played 4 round, but satu round jer lar menang... I got the flag, shot dalam 3 ppl odw to the flag, n guess what, i'm so excited when i got the flag, i terbuka my facemask, then i baru teringat and i said(with innocent face) "eh2, facemask terbuka" ... Then the referee pakai kan semula... haha! kalau tak, tak pasal2 kena eliminate =p... Jangan mara ea! ;p
N i geram tira shot my shoes, otherwise i'll stay longer...pandai betl dier aim...

Listen to briefing, how to tied the rakit(kotz)

yeah, we're samballl (tu nama tean kitaorang)
N tika tak payah la muka gigih sangat...

briefing paintball...bla bla bla(mentang2 pernah main =p )
team 1 vs team 3(my team)
camwhore by the lake =D


walking from taman rekreasi ayer keroh to taman botanical ayer keruhon the wayyy =)So after that we walked to ur campsite which located at Taman Botanical pula... Jauh juga lar, but tak rasa sangat coz lalu jalan raya... hehe~ Then at night, having icebreaking session... Then we played some games... They ask us to ya know, be a fashion designer... haha! We have to design(ceh design) a traditional cloth using newspaper... So, we presented our model, Zul(ikut group paintball) with Hawaiian costume... Dengan earings, handbag, skirt, that "top" and so on... huhu... Okie lar daripada xder... haha...

see, our design! =p cun x our model? =p
(abg muin, kak shira, shafiq, zul, fifa)
Then we played
Mafia games, and i stayed until the end of the game(betul2 kejam punya mafia) haha...

mafia game =)

2nd day, we started our activity around 9am... Team-building activities... First sekali, kena jatuhkan diri and other friends wll sambut... Yeah, everyone manage to do it well! Ader sorang tu jer! ish3x, teruk betul, nak tau siapa? memang teruk lar, da lar penakut, tak nak lar cakap kecil hati orang tu nnti... =p Actually the person, was, me! Haiz, dont know lar, really have phsycological problem tau! Takutttt sangat! Sorry lar everyone, mesti korang annoyed sangat2 kan, malunyerrr.... sorry larrr... =(

And after that we played acid river and one more team building activity(forgot the name) before we move on to the next activity... We walk in the jungle with obstacles... Panjat tembok lar, bergayut macam tarzan lar, merangkak macam spiderman... that's all lar!

our tent
Then back to campsite, settle up and went back around 2pm... Our director request the bus driver to bring us to Bandar Hilir, but bus driver tu "jual ikan", nope lar! Dia ader kerja, so we have no choice, balik jerr lerrr... =p

before going back =D

Overall the camp is great! And i nak paintball paintball paintball paintball paintball!!! hee~ =)

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